Helping Children See the World
The quality of a child’s vision can determine how well he or she learns in the classroom. To address this issue, Dr. Kelby Trusty, Shari and the staff at Total Eyecare have set up a nonprofit charity, Children’s Vision for Tomorrow.

Dr. Trusty said that one in four children have a vision problem that impairs their learning.

“Most often I find parents who think their children can see just fine because the child does not complain. However, a child’s vision slowly deteriorates, so they get used to their demised vision and do not realize they are not seeing clearly until they have an eye exam and get fitted for their new prescription. They may complain of headaches, move closer to what they are trying to see, start squinting, struggle to learn or even become disruptive in class because they can’t concentrate because they cannot see properly,” Dr. Trusty said. “If we can help children see, we can help them succeed. Their vision may be an easy fix.”


“You only have to see a child walk out the door with their new glasses on, stop on the front step and just look around like they are seeing a new world and it is all worth it.”






Children's Vision for Tomorrow
Children’s Vision for Tomorrow a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Your charitable contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.